• Digital Media

    The creative industries have always pushed the boundaries of hardware and software to ensure maximum ‘realism’ in representing the world.  As the higher resolution and frame rates become a necessity for production, HPC will be a vital commercial requirement in processing the images, audio and metadata to maintain a leading role in high quality production.

  • Environment and Energy

    HPC is key technology for in this arena.  Environmental risk prevention or management require huge amount of HPC resources to run Local Area high resolution weather forecasting whch helps  to anticipate and plan efficient actions on smaller scale in agriculture, tourism and event planning.

  • Life Science and Health

    HPC is central in enabling many of the core processes in modern medicine and  pharmaceutical R&D. It ranges from sequence analytics and target selection, high throughput chemical screening, ligand docking and protein structure characterisation, predictive safety model construction, drug metabolism modelling through to the molecular characterisation of disease states

  • Engineering and Manifacturing

    HPC is changing the design and manufacturing of a wide range of products. It can not only help to produce better products, but can also dramatically reduce the time and cost of design and production. These benefits have been achieved by HPC simulations of the finished product with a reduced need for building prototypes and the ability to perform more tests on the numerical models than on actual products.

High performance computing (HPC) is a combination of knowledge, tools and techniques used to accelerate simulation of real-world processes or systems.


Jun 06, 2016

We are expanding our team and we are looking for bright and motivated IT professional.

Feb 02, 2016

eXact-lab is proud member of the EXANEST EU-funded project that today launched a press release.